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The Statue of Liberty stands 305 feet and one inch over New York City and represents freedom to the world. The national monument is a popular tourist attraction, and many people visit the statue everyday to gaze and its beauty and feel everything that it represents.There are many ways to experience the statue and all it represents. Here one can experience the Statue of Liberty Exhibit. The exhibit features photographs, videos, museum objects and more that illustrate the history and symbolism of the statue. The exhibit opened in July of 1986, and has been a popular site for visitors. This plaque symbolizes the message of hope and freedom for people across the globe. The image's steel frame was built in nearby Lebanon, Ohio, and the body, made of Styrofoam and fiberglass, on the beach in Jacksonville, Fla. The body was then trucked north. But when workers started installing the statue on an island in a man-made reflecting pool behind the church, they found that the head and arms were too small for the chest. The statue, erected in 2003, was the inspiration of Lawrence and Darlene Bishop, evangelical Christian pastors of the 3,400-member Solid Rock Church.