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Legend claims this geometric symbol was designed by Pythagoras to represent perfection. It was also known as the Wizard's Star in the Middle Ages and was worn as an embelm on clothing to represent the mysteries of the Universe. The shining star is not only a symbol of your lost child, but, with God’s help, may you feel the strength. A vision for the founders of One Bright star is that people will recognize the symbol and will reach out to those who have suffered such a loss with greater compassion, and with hugs and support.The parent's star has a small diamond embedded into one of the five points. The star without a diamond is intended for siblings and loved ones. janely's symbol is a star becuase she's a tough girl, and when i think of a tough girl i think of spikes. Also becuase she is a rising star, with trophies in her house from games!First, we‘d like to share with you the star of David. As an iconic image, this star is easily found in religion, art and science as well as some organizations or groups, through which we can see its popularity.