What is Android Operating System

What is Android, Android was originally a Linux based operating system developed by Android Inc. According to Wikipedia, it was purchased by Google in 2005 in a move to gain an edge in the mobile arena. The Android operating system is open source, unlike Apple’s secretive code, Google has chosen to give away most of the code that powers Android. Because the code is free to developers and manufacturers, it is very attractive to device manufacturers who prefer to spend their resources on manufacturing high quality devices instead of reinventing the wheel by creating a proprietary operating systems. It also seems that Google may have been or still is providing device manufacturers with extra revenue to include the operating system or specific apps on their products.

Another great advantage of the Android operating system is the large and growing community of developers who are constantly creating new applications for use on Android devices. These applications can be free or paid and are available at the Google operated Android Market. The Android Market unofficially has over 300,000 apps, quickly catching up to Apple’s app store. With over 550,000 new Android phones being Activated each day, Android device users total over 130 million.

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