Akita City and wallpapers

Akita City and wallpapers. Akita City is situated in the mid-west of Akita Prefecture with the Dewa Mountains in the east and the Japan Sea in the west. You can see the beautiful evening sun setting into the Japan Sea. The city prospered as the capital of the Satake fief in around the 17th century, and is now a pivotal city, with amusement quarters ranking first in the prefecture.

In the city you can find Senshu Park created from the ruins of Kubota Castle, old temples and shrines, wealthy farmers' residences, and blocks of the old city everywhere. There are many places that recall the history of Akita. On the other hand, you can also find more than a few new cultural key assets, such as the Atrion, multi-purpose facilities, and Port Tower Selion, a symbol tower with a height of 143 meters.

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