Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, Rajsthan In India

Nathdwara has the famous Sri Nathji Temple which is an important shrine for Vashnavites. Nathdwara is situated 48 kms northeast of Udaipur in Rajasthan, on the banks of the Banas River. The statue has one of its arms raised, giving an impression of Lord Krishna holding the Govardhan Mountain. There after, the statue was placed in the Lord Krishna temple. Nathdwara is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site. This is one of the most celebrated pilgrimage shrines of India. It is believed that Taj Bibi, a wife of Akbar had visited this temple. It was during the 17th century that this image was shifted to Rajasthan. The temple has three entrances, one (Surajpol) being exclusively for women.