Mahatma Gandhi Temple In Gadhinagar, Gujarat Photos, Pictures

The Mahatma Gandhi Mandir project is being implemented by L&T. About 500 trees are being cut to make ground clear to start the construction work of the building.The proposed 25,000 sq meter complex would also have an exhibition hall to be built over 10,000 sq ft area. It will also have conference halls for sector specific sessions and meeting rooms. An auditorium for entertainment, prayer hall, meditation room,The state government has started works for a ‘Mahatma Mandir’ in Gandhinagar, as part of the ‘Swarnim Gujarat’ celebrations.A convention centre with capacity to accommodate over 5,000 people will also be constructed in the same complex. Here all kinds of information and literature on Mahatma Gandhi would be available for people interested in knowing more about Bapu’s life.

Mahatma Gadhi Temple In GadhinagarMahatma Gadhi Temple In Gadhinagar