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Lord Sri Krishna was born on Astami day or the eight day after Raksha Badhan during the Hindu nonth of SHRAVAN. Krishna is always shown with his flute or Bansuri. Sri Krishna is Lord vishnus eight avatar (incarnation) earth kansa, the king of mathura was a very cruel tyrant. the cowardly tyrant immedidately threw his sister Devki and husband vasudev in prison so that he could kill all the son born to Devki . He was also asked to bring back the baby girl who Yashodha had delivered. At Gokul. under king Nanda's protection. Krishna got the loving affection of King Nanda's Queen Yashodha who Krishna looked upon as a mother. A major event in Krishna's later life was that he was the adviser to the Pandavas during the Great Mohabharat War between the Pandavas and Kauravas.