Free Online Wallpapers For Your Desktop

The portrayal of images or pictures on the desktop of a computer is known as a wallpaper. It was earlier known as desktop pattern and used to fill up the desktop background and term originated from Microsoft Windows.

The history of making use of distinctive background with the overlapping windows was experimented in a office system called the Officetalk. In earlier times it was impossible to distinguish the white background and the windows decor.

It was only the introduction of the color monitors for the personal computers that gave way to the non-patterned, single-color backgrounds and then to arbitrary 'wallpapers'.

Wallpapers can be of any picture ranging from automobiles, models and celebrities, scenery, abstract art, movies, pets and even personal family photos. The stipulations of the most of the businesses also endear the use of their corporate logos on the desktops.

Most of these desktop wallpapers are in 1024x768 resolution, but some of them may be in 800x600 resolution. Get to have a your desktop enumerate a single color instead of a wallpaper as the background. The colors on the system is allowed to be changed according to ones desire. You will be able to modify the picture without having to compromise on the quality of the picture. You can even get hold of the wallpapers in twice the normal size. One can make use of the 2560x1024 for display on the multiple monitors where the image covers both the monitors. The predetermined background color can be visualized on either sides of the images displayed as wallpaper.

You can even have a video clip and an animated picture to fill your desktop background forming into a constant loop. It allows the users to specify a group of images to be displayed on the desktop for a specified period of time. You are allowed to even make use of a video clipping on a VLC media player to play a video as a wallpaper.

There are a lot of websites permitting a free usage of the entire collection of wallpaper themes. It is typically a compilation of images from various sites newsgroups and permitted websites. You will not be able to display these wallpapers on any website for further download but can make use of them for both personal or commercial use.

Even social networking sites like Facebook are not left out in the rant and rave of the latest wallpaper themes. People across the planet are getting to know about the most famous wallpaper themes based on the Facebook. You will also be credited points for distributing these themes to your friends. You can decide where to make use of the lively wallpaper themes in a personal system or in a business setup.